A Visit to the Tübingen Chocolate Festival!

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We visited a chocolate festival the other weekend. I was very excited to check this out, as it’s the largest chocolate festival in Germany. It boasts chocolate fountains, chocolate noodles, chocolate massages…you get the idea. So on Thursday myself, my friend Clare and her boyfriend headed to Tübingen to check it out. As a side note, I went to high school with Clare and she happened to be in the area. Small world! The chocolate festival itself was pretty neat, but not as near as big as what I had imagined it would be (in my head I’m imagining some crazy Willy Wonka chocolate craziness, but in Germany…I like chocolate). They had chocolate from all over the world, and they actually did have chocolate noodles too.

The best part of going there was seeing the town. Tübingen is a really pretty, old town with a LOT of old buildings and history. There’s a University there, plenty of cobblestone streets and the Neckar River that runs through it. It was like a small Heidelberg (see my post on it, it’s a very cool place as well). One thing I’ve noticed since we’ve been here is how many amazing places there are that I’ve never even heard of. I love, love, love exploring and finding new places. The best part, Tübingen is only about 25 minute from Echterdingen!

So, I ended up going Saturday as well, since most people had to work Friday. We learned very quickly that if you ever travel to Germany, do not go to a festival on a weekend! It was packed. We couldn’t even check out the booths because people (Germans) we crowding around. I say Germans because they like to stop and stare at things and do not move….I’m not saying everyone, but a lot of people do this. For example, when I go to look at something, I’ll check it out, then after a bit be courteous and move so someone else can get in. Well, that doesn’t happen here. People stop, stare, take a sample, stand there, stand there longer, and after a while it seems they’re standing around for no apparent reason. Anyway, I need to write a post about the cultural differences here. There are quite a few!

Here are some photos from the festival. I will definitely be going next year, but I’ll stick to a weekday 🙂



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