Leaving the States!

by Brea

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So it’s official. We are leaving the states in just a mere few days. Our going away party was last Saturday, and it was soo nice being able to see good friends before we take off. So now I feel as if I’m just in a waiting period and am ready to just go! We are going to give our dog some Benadryl tonight to see if she can handle that okay for the plane. She’s quite the spaz, so a little something to mellow her out would be good for her. 

I’m sure once we arrive I’ll have some feelings like the girl did in Tangled when she left the castle. It’ll start with “Oh my god this is awesome. I love it here!!” and then to things like “Ugh I miss my friends, and why does it rain so much here?!”. But I’m prepared, and overall cannot wait (I repeat cannot WAIT!) to start exploring Stuttgart and traveling around. Coming up in about a week or so, the second largest beer festival next to Munich just so happens to begin in Stuttgart! I will be posting plenty of photos and commentary :).

Off for now!


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Kriss Doyle September 1, 2011 - 11:48 pm

Exciting for you two! Love the blog. So glad you are doing this!

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