Stuttgart Summer Festival!

by Brea

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At the beginning of August, Stuttgart has one of the most elegant festivals in all of Germany. Instead of the usual crowd of kids guzzling beers and expelling all their bodily contents into the streets, this one has good taste. The atmosphere is different, and the crowd seems a bit more chic and sophisticated. The prices of drinks and food is also reflected by this. I was not a huge fan of this aspect. After paying 6 Euro for the equivalent of about a 12 ounce beer, I said ‘No More!’ and made it a personal mission to find a less expensive place to hang out. Pfff, who pays that much for a beer? Honestly.

It didn’t take us long to find another place to hang out that offered fare a bit cheaper. I’ve found with most festivals, you find a space to hang out comfortably with your friends, and stay. Don’t even attempt to meander and check things out. These fests get busy and crazy and it becomes a herding cats type of event rather than a fun-filled evening with good company.

“The white festival tents and the opulent light decoration conjure up especially in the eventing a fairy-tale like atmosphere around the Theater Lake in Stuttgart. For this reason, the Summer Festival in Stuttgart is among festival professionals one of the most beautiful city festivals in Germany.

Stuttgart’s gastronomy will feed you with delicious specialties and fine drinks.

The diverse music and entertainment program on three stages reaches from funny music cabaret through groovy party music to South American rhythms.”


Sounds nice doesn’t it? So we made our way to the train station, a quick 25 minute S-Bahn up to the Hauptbahnhof (main train station) and found the festival. If you happen to make it, go earlier during the day when it’s less crowded. It gets jam packed once the sun goes down.

Here are some photos from the day:

 Street Chalk walkin toward the Festival Street Chalk walkin toward the Festival

 Prost! Prost!

 The sun was starting to set in this photo, and it was also starting to get packed! The sun was starting to set in this photo, and it was also starting to get packed!

Have you ever been to a festival in Germany? If so, what’s your favorite one to visit?

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