10 Things That Will Happen To You At Oktoberfest (and Fruhlingsfest!)

by Brea

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Stuttgart’s Fruhlingsfest is almost upon us! The festivities are starting up on Saturday and I reserved a table for 10 of us at the Gockelesmaier (that’s a mouthful – but it just means the Chicken Tent), starting bright and early at 11am. Yes we will be starting our day right with a liter (Maß) in hand and singing along with all of our German friends. Then that evening another group of friends will be occupying the same tent…needless to say it’s going to be a fun day.

You Know You’ve Been to Fest When….

1. You’ve had an entire liter of beer spilled on you

2. You’ve spilled an entire liter of beer on someone else

3. You broke a liter glass of beer. Sad day.

4. Someone has fallen off the bench they were dancing on behind you and topples over you…three times.

5. You make more German friends in a day than you have in over a year!

6. You’ve been laughed at by the server when asking for water. Phh, what is that?! (yes this has happened!)

7. As a female, you are really jealous of the pee wall the men get to use so easily

8. You’ve waited in line for at least 20 minutes to use the bathroom

9. You’ve fallen off a bench from everyone dancing on it and bouncing it all around

10. You start singing along to the German songs and start to think you’re getting pretty good, but then can’t recall any of the words the next day

That’s about all I can come up with right now. Anyone else have more to add? You Know you’ve been to Oktoberfest when…..

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and a bonus!…

Fruhlingsfest/Oktoberfest Must-know Phrases

Maß – (moss)  –  This means one liter of beer

Prost!  –  Means simply Cheers! (but you knew that already right?!) Cheers is also acceptable as it’s said here as well.

Bier  –  Beer (yes this is another tricky one)

Noch ein Bier, Bitte!  –  Another beer, please! Pronounced ‘no-k ine beer bi-te’

Zwei bier, bitte!  –  Two beers, please.

Vielen Dank!  –  Thank you very much, since the waiters will be extremely busy dealing with drunks, being kind and grateful can go a long way! Pronounced ‘Fee-len donk’

Entschuldigung  –  Excuse me, beg your pardon, sorry – basically a polite way of grabbing the server’s attention. Pronounced ‘ent – shool – dee – gung’


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Alex Butts April 18, 2013 - 7:56 am

I’m heading there Sunday – can’t even wait!


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