Stuttgart Spotlight: A Visit To Rubble Hill (Birkenkopf)

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“This mountain after the Second World War, piled out of the ruins of the city, stands [as] a memorial to the victims [and] as a warning to the living.”

Rubble Hill is one of many hills in Germany that shares a unique characteristic; it is a hill that was built by rubble from World War II. Today Birkenkopf in Stuttgart is surrounded by forests and trails for walking and biking, and much of the rubble has been slowly covered up by greener pastures. There are still a lot of remnants that can be seen and the top of the hill has quite a few large slabs of stone piled up.

This hill grew by over 40 meters between 1953 – 1957, with over 15 million cubic meters piled up from destroyed buildings in the area. It is the highest point in the area and offers great views overlooking the valley below including Stuttgart. It’s an interesting historical site to see while visiting the city. Here are some images I took during a very cold winter day.


70197 Stuttgart

Below is the path leading up to Birkenkopf

Rubble can be seen as you approach the top of the hill


70197 Stuttgart

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  1. Hello, The Birkenkopf is one of my favorite spots! I lived as a dependent back in the early 70’s, then have revisited a few times since then. My last trip was in 2012 and I had the pleasure of taking the hike up to the top. I seem to recall in the 70s, the road was open to driving on, but that was a long time ago.

    I just discovered your blog and look forward to reading more.

  2. Hello! I would like to visit this place, could you tell me how can i get there from Stuttgart Hfb?

    Thank you very much for sharing this place.

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