Dampfnudeln, The Best German Dessert In The World!

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If you’re wondering, why yes, I did write an entire post about a German dessert. Which tells you that it is so good you really need to hop on a plane and head over to try it.

I have lived in Germany for over two years and nearly every time I’m out and about I discover something new. Just when I think I have life down here I find that I really know nothing about Germany.

I love finding new recipes and dishes over here. I could easily spend an entire afternoon exploring the aisles of grocery stores to find new items and see what differences there are here.

The other weekend we were at the medieval Christmas market in Esslingen and my friend asked if I’d ever tried a dampfnudeln. I asked her to repeat that a few times because it’s a mouthful (it sounds like dom-pf-noo-deln).

So what is it? Basically it’s a large soft doughy bread, but it’s so soft that you can eat it with a fork. Then they add a vanilla cream sauce over the top of it. To top it off you can add cinnamon and sugar, a cherry sauce topping, as well as others. My husband summed it up perfectly; it’s like eating the center of a cinnamon roll in every bite (it’s just that good!).

My friend said that the reason why the dough is so soft is because it’s steamed in a pot on the stove. It’s important not to open the lid because that will collapse the dough. These can be found at many Christmas markets and is quite popular in Austria. They are huge, though, and are a meal in themselves or a dessert to share among 3-4 people! My friend said that he used to get these for breakfast as a kid in Germany…lucky guy!

If you ever get the chance you should absolutely try a dampfnudeln, you will not be disappointed!

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