6 Websites That Will Improve Your Travel Photography Today

by Brea

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In my quest to create a travel blog and become a better writer, I also wanted to improve my photography skills and see where photography could take me. I’ve been doing photography for almost two years as an amateur and most of my photos I’ve taken have all been for this blog (see my galleries if you want to view them!). In the past six months, however, I’ve really ramped up my skills and have been purchasing new equipment while also improving my knowledge. 

What I’ve found with photography is the more you learn, the more you realize just how much you DON’T know anything about photography. That has been the case with me anyway. I’ll delve into one area that I want to master and before I know it I have ten more questions I want answers to! I think that is something I also love about photography; with the onslaught of new equipment being poured into the market every year, it’s impossible to become knowledgeable in everything photography. Not only that, but I don’t think you ever really master photography. There is always something new to learn and always a different approach that you didn’t know about.

Most travelers will go on trips with a camera in hand, whether it’s a camera phone, point-and-shoot or DSLR camera. For me, one of my favorite aspects of travel is taking photos and trying to capture a story through it. 

I read a lot of articles and do a lot of research relating to photography. Here are some of my favorite websites that I have bookmarked and always have on hand to answer my questions. 

I am not being endorsed for writing this article. These are just my favorite places to go for photography learning online. I hope you find it helpful!


This website has been invaluable for me and should be a go to source for anyone trying to learn photography. They have a podcast that’s published once every few weeks that is packed with great information. Also, they offer online courses for under $100 to help you improve your photography.


This is a wedding photographer who has a blog style layout. Not only are her pictures beautiful, but she also provides how-to information on photography and the business side of it.


slr lounge has tons of great information and resources for photographers. One of my favorite areas of the website is ‘How We Shot It’. For me this provides tremendous insight into how a shot can be attained, and I usually learn new skills with each article. 


The website to master light. After all, photography is essentially molding and creating interesting light. 


This website has tons of articles to leaf through. They have good information and a lot of it!


Adobe TV is a separate learning website from Adobe.com. This may seem like a no brainer, but many people may not know about this website when learning Photoshop, Lightroom or another Adobe program. Adobe TV is loaded with tons of video tutorials that lay out how to use the programs and how to master them. All of this is free too. Even though I may think I know how to do something I always learn something new when watching these tutorials. This could be a shortcut that will save me on editing time or a different way to approach and edit something. Highly recommended for newbies to get started and professionals to brush up on their skills!

So there you have it. Do you have any go-to photography websites?

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