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Plan Your Bike Route Throughout Stuttgart

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If the prospect of riding your bike everywhere when you moved to Europe got you excited, then this post is for you! Well, if you live in the Stuttgart area anyway (but don’t worry, I’m sure there are other sites just like this such as the Radroutenplaner).

I have known about it for a while, but only recently did I start using the VVS Cycle Planner feature for the Stuttgart area. What is it? Well it’s a GPS, but the best feature is that it’s fantastic for planning bicycle routes, especially considering how crazy the roads can get here and how many winding trails there are throughout the fields and forests between the towns. I have tried using Google Maps and other apps, but none of them are very accurate and can exactly map out the biking trails here. The VVS Cycle Planner is very accurate and you can pick your type of route as well. They have options like comfortable, fast and advanced routes. There are also other features like scenic routes, prefer paved roads, bike only or bike and public transport, etc. As you can see there is quite a bit of customization available. In addition, the route shows you popular points of interest along the way, your elevation profile and GPS Track.

My favorite feature is the app they have for it called VVS Radroutenplaner. It allows you to save your routes, add things to your favorites and more.

Below is the route I plugged in if you were to go from Leinfelden to downtown Stuttgart. You can track each step along the way, or read it on the left hand side. The distance, duration, elevation profile, and more are all available to check as well.

So far I love it and haven’t had any trouble with the app. It’s been a lifesaver when I’m on a trail and am feeling a bit lost. Another great feature is that it’s also in English!

VVS Radroutenplaner (VVS Cycle Planner)

elow shows the Route types to choose from. Comfortable is the default, but you can see if there are faster routes available (which may require more time on roads).

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