A Day Trip To Bad Urach Waterfall

by Brea

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Bad Urach is a small town that’s roughly 30 minutes south of Stuttgart, Germany. It’s in the Swabian Alb that runs through Baden-Wurttemburg.

Interestingly, it was once home to the most volcanic areas in the world. Because of this, there are a great deal of interesting geographical formations and great spas that use the surrounding natural resources.

Bad Urach is also home to a beautiful waterfall, the Bad Urach Wasserfall. We parked at the Bad Urach Wasserfall and walked up to the trail. We discovered that further up the road is the parking lot and a biergarten, so don’t make our mistake and instead just drive up the narrow way until you see a parking lot on the left!

The entire walk up the trail the run-off streams next to you. Our dog was in heaven. She kept jumping in and out of it the entire walk up. If only I had that energy! The water was definitely ice cold, but felt so nice with the hot weather we’ve been having… and the lack of a/c.

In Germany, ‘Bad’ simply means bath or spa.

I put in the address listed on their website and we found the place easily. Once you see the train tracks and the stop for Bad Urach Wasserfall, turn that way (away from the town) and head up about a mile until you see the parking lot on the left. Like I said there’s a biergarten there as well so if you get hungry (or thirsty) then you don’t have to look far!

Address:  Bei den Thermen 4 (Haus des Gastes), 72574 Bad Urach

Here are some photos from the morning. I actually want to go back with a tripod and try out longer exposure images.

As always, click on any image to enlarge!  

She’s definitely not the toughest dog, but she loves trying to find the biggest stick!

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