Stuttgart Wine Festival 2013

by Brea

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Beginning in August and running into October there are literally (yes literally) hundreds of wine festivals held all over Germany. The Rhineland-Palatinate state of Germany is number one for wine-producing in all of the country.  However, just a bit Southeast sits Baden-Wurttemberg which is the fourth largest wine producer in Germany. Of the many wine festivals going on, one of the largest is held in Stuttgart called the Stuttgart Wine Village (with many many more in the surrounding towns!)

A popular region around Stuttgart is Rems, an area East of the city that goes through Fellbach and ends in Essingen. If you live in the area, you might even live in some of these towns, including Schorndorf, Winnenden, Fellbach and sixteen more. Throughout this region there is the Swabian Wine Road that goes right through the Rems Valley. It starts in Hohenlohe, goes through Weinberger and the Neckar Valley and over Stuttgart.  Throughout here you can experience the beautiful landscape and take in the culture and wine. There are also many other wine walks within and around the outskirts of Stuttgart that are worth visiting as well.

Don’t forget to also check out the ‘broom calendars’ online (may have to search in German). In Germany, locals set out their brooms on the front of their home to let guests know that they can stop in, drink some local wine and enjoy food as well. Some have full menus and other places offer small appetizer size dishes.

Stuttgart Wine Village (Stuttgarter Weindorf)


2013: August 28 – September 8

General Information:

The Stuttgart Wine Village is one of the the largest wine festivals in Germany with over a million people visiting each year. There are over 125 wine stands including over 500 Wurttemberg wines such as Trollinger, Kerner, Riesling, Schillerwine, Lemberger and more!

Personal Recommendations:

Like many others in Germany, this festival gets crowded! I recommend arriving early if you’re visiting on the weekend or, even better, try to come on an afternoon during the week or a weeknight (although it still will be fairly crowded). 


The best way to get to the Wine Village is by public transportation as traffic is heavy in the city and driving after a glass of wine is not a good idea! Visit the VVS Website for information on how to get there via public transport. 

If you are traveling by car there are many parking garages in downtown Stuttgart. Keep an eye out for signs on the roads indicating the distance until a parking garage. Street parking is possible but be sure you’re parking in a legal area.


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