A Day Trip To A Quaint French Town: Riquewihr, France

by Brea

We took a day trip to France last week. We’ve been trying to fit in some shorter trips before the weather really turns and we’re set up in a great location to take some short trips to other countries. France is only about a two hour drive away so we headed out early to spend a day in France. I also wanted to get some photos of a new place as well. I looked up towns nearby and Riquewihr came up as a charming town with lots of wine flowing. Riquewihr it was!

Riquewihr is located in the Alsace region in Eastern France. The area is known for their wine, notably Riesling, but there are also other wines varieties.

The village is about a 15 minute drive from Colmar, France which is another charming wine town albeit much larger and more touristy. Once we crossed the huge Rhine River we were in France and from there it was only a short drive to reach Riquewihr.

Our trusty TomTom took us through rolling hills with the Vosges mountains running parallel to us. We were led uphill through hilly vineyards until we finally reached the town. Once we arrived I quickly realized everything I read online proved to live up to it’s promise.

Riquewihr is known as one of the most charming villages in France for good reason. The entire region is devoted to their wine which is evident in all the winstub available. These are small wine taverns which offer wine tastings and a comfortable place to hang out and visit.

Once we started walking around we noticed many wine cellars as well but had to decline checking them out since we had our crazy yellow lab with us. She’s not exactly the type of dog that would do well inside a restaurant or bar. However, we were able to walk around and like most European towns there is outside seating at nearly every restaurant.

Below is the entrance to the town. The town is full of cobblestone streets that are better suited for pedestrians and not cars. We parked right outside the main entrance in a parking area right off the main road. Parking was really cheap. I think we spent 3 Euro for four hours.

I loved walking through all the streets here. We came across a small farmer’s market that was going on with stands selling cheeses, cured meats and others with jewelry and clothing.

When we stopped for lunch we tried some of the wine. It came as a surprise that the wine was much more expensive than it is in Germany. When you order wine at restaurants in Germany it’s generally inexpensive and they fill up your glass! I tried the cordon bleu. It was pretty good but pretty heavily fried.

Check out this hummingbird hark moth! At first I was certain it was a hummingbird, but at closer inspection I realized that with the long mouth sticking way out there was no way that this was a hummingbird. It is so named because it really resembles the hummingbird. It even moved around like a hummingbird, fluttering from flower to flower. It was a pretty cool moth and I’m glad I got a decent shot.

Riquewihr was a really cute village and I’m so glad we decided to go. It’s definitely small and sleepy, though, so I don’t think I’d want to stay the night there. They have wine festivals and events throughout the year that would make it a more lively time to visit. Also very close by was a medieval castle called Konigsburg Castle. It looked really impressive sitting on a tall hillside when we drove by and would be a great addition to a day trip to Riquewihr.

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