Eguisheim Christmas Market & Guide: Best Stops, Things to Do, and More!

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Consistently ranked one of the most beautiful villages in Southern France, Eguisheim is a small town in the Alsace region (Southeast France).

It’s close to Colmar and Riquewihr, villages that also rank among the most beautiful in the Alsace Wine Route. 

Eguisheim France Winter Winding Street

Where is Eguisheim?

Eguisheim is located along the Eastern border of France and the Western border of Germany. It’s firmly planted in the Alsace Wine Trail, the oldest wine route in France.

The closest larger town is Colmar which is only about 4.4 miles away.

Eguisheim is also not too far from Switzerland. If you are planning a Christmas Market trip, you can use my 10-day Christmas Market trip to see some of the best markets in Germany, France, and Switzerland.

Is Eguisheim Christmas Market Worth Visiting?

In my opinion, yes Eguisheim is definitely worth visiting, although I would recommend combining it with other markets and towns in the area. It’s a very small market, and the town is quite small, so you only need an hour or so.

I recommend a half day to explore the market, shops, and grab lunch.

Many people make Colmar their home base and take day trips to the towns and markets nearby. This would be my recommendation as well. If you love quaint towns and quiet villages, though, make sure you spend at least one night here!

Eguisheim France Alsace Christmas Market

Visiting the Eguisheim Christmas Market

The Christmas market area is quite elegant but small. You could probably walk the entire thing in about 10 minutes. However, if you want to take in everything and visit the shops, you should stay much longer.

And the macarons here are delightful.

There are a few parking areas just outside the town. The closest is located at 13 Rue du Muscat.

Eguisheim is mostly a pedestrian zone. The village area is circular with a ring you can walk around.

Eguisheim France Alsace Christmas Market
Eguisheim France Alsace Christmas Market at night

The Markets in Eguisheim

I don’t want to understate it, this is a small village with really one market. However, it takes place mostly in two areas.

The main Christmas market in Eguisheim is located in the village center, at the Place du Château and the Place du Marché.

They’re just a few minutes walk from each other and easy to get to.

The charming streets and squares in the village come alive with holiday decorations, artisan stalls, and the aroma of seasonal treats, making it a perfect place to explore.

Eguisheim Christmas Market France

Food & Drink

Since it’s such a small market, there aren’t many food or drink options.

The main drink is red or white mulled wine (vin chaud) served in a plastic cup. Coming from Germany, I was quite surprised to be served glühwein, or vin chaud, in a plastic cup!

It honestly looks like a children’s cup but is decorated with images of the market and information about it.

There is a small deposit, around 1EUR, for the cup. We kept a few, and now our kids use them.

There weren’t many food options, so we stopped into this local restaurant and had a fantastic meal.

Eguisheim France Alsace Christmas Market

Where to Stay

If you want to stay in the village, there are some cute b&b’s and hotels right in town. We stayed just outside the main town in these apartments. Our condo was nice and had a huge added bonus of a heated pool surrounded by a huge dome of clear glass.

Many people opt to stay in the larger town of Colmar, just 15 minutes away. There are loads of hotels and many apartments for rent as well (I recommend VRBO for your search).

Colmar has a large Christmas market that spans the canals and beyond and is a must-stop if you’re in this area.

Eguisheim France Alsace Christmas Market

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    1. Yes it really does have a German – this area used to be part of Germany, hence the German feel in many of the places. And yes, I love all the Christmas markets in the winter. Definitely something that will be greatly missed when we leave.

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