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My Favorite Beer Garden Bike Tour in Stuttgart

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One of my absolute favorite things to do in Germany is spend an afternoon with friends hanging out at a biergarten. And after many years and beers later, I have found that German beer really does live up to it’s hype. In the states most of the beer I would try was too hoppy, or worse, was way too carbonated. After one beer you’d be so full you couldn’t even eat. Ever felt that way? Well, for whatever reason, whether it’s the Reinheitsgebot (the German Beer Purity Law) or voodoo magic, the beer here is delicious and goes down like water. And it’s actually cheaper than water too (really, and yes you have to pay for water)!

We have seven biergartens in the forest behind our house, all linked by a network of paved biking trails. It’s called Siebenmuhlental which means seven mills. All these biergartens are converted mills from farms and some still are operational today. Often you can see goats, horses, chickens, etc hanging out at these places, and typically they are really family friendly. Whenever the weather is nice and we don’t have plans, you can find us biking along the trail to hang out and grab a drink. I brought my camera along for a ride this summer. Here’s some of the fun we had along the Siebenmuhlental way…

Biergarten Nummer Einz

Schönbuch beer..mmm.

Did you know? – Nearly every town in Germany has their own brewery and local beer to try. You don’t have to go far to sample a wide variety of beers in Germany! Also, beers are ALWAYS served in a glass with their corresponding label on it.

This next biergarten is my favorite. It’s called Kochenmuhle and is best accessed by bike or hiking. You can drive here, but you definitely need to know the route to find it as it’s not so much a road as a wide biking trail.

Love this view in between biergartens

This next place, Seebruckenmuhle, is run by a schnapps drinking, friendly German guy. One time he gave me a bottle of schnapps to pour for all of our friends at the bar. And didn’t charge us. I love this place.

Onward to the next place!

This next place is another one of my favorites. It’s easily accessible from the road and is so much more than a biergarten! They have a small farm and a store with fresh organic vegetables from their garden and homemade trinkets/gifts.

Another added bonus is this mill that stays cool in the hot summer months.

They have a small store inside…

We realized we were starving after 5 hours of having a beer at each location. So, we had maultaschen, a German ravioli stuffed with meat and veggies.

They also have many animals that you can pet. I think it was intended for children, but we wanted to be part of the fun too.

Hanging out at a Biergarten that’s also a farm…so many small animals!

Ein von Brea (@breazer05) gepostetes Foto am

Until next time!….

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