Malta In Photos and Some Observations

by Brea

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Malta, what a fascinating and confusing place. A mix of cultures throughout history that found themselves on these islands. Islands not tropical, nor lush by any means, but full of vegetation and limestone. Some say that Malta is the lost Atlantis, evident by all the cliffsides that drop straight to the ocean.


Compared to our current home in Germany in the land of Mercedes and Porsche, Malta was relatively inexpensive. We could get a good meal for under 10 Euro, and a glass for wine or beer for 2-3 Euro. The public bus was very cheap, about 1-2 Euro, and in our short experience reliable. The ferry to Gozo (the other main island) and back was 4.90 Euro. The only thing that was expensive were the cab rides. I’m about 100% certain they ripped us off, but we only took a cab to the airport and back.

This was the view from Sliema, right next to the ferry to get to Valletta.

A short few Euros got us from Sliema to Valletta. Once in Valletta the mood changed quite a bit. Many of the streets looked like the one below, stairs upon stairs. It’s too bad we waited until the last day to visit Valletta, as I think it was one of my favorite places in this small country. There were many cathedrals hidden within these streets and a wide mix of architecture. Some things looked like Greek temples, others Roman, and then some had other mediterranean or even Middle Eastern influence.


To get to the island of Gozo is a short 10 minute ferry ride from the north shore. In the summer you can ride from Valletta to get to Gozo, but in the winter you have to drive to the north ferry point. From Malta you can also take a ferry to Sardinia, but it was broken down when we were there. Either that or it was closed. The bus ride from Sliema to the ferry was about an hour, so in total it was about 90 minutes including wait times.

Ahead is Gozo!

We had a late start to our day so we only had time to visit the Azure Window and drive around on the main hop on hop off bus, which is basically the cheapest and best way to get around the island.

Below is the Azure Window, it’s quite the sight to take in.

This town below is Victoria, the largest town in Gozo, and looked like a nice area to stop by and walk around but we didn’t have enough time. If you visit Gozo be sure to have a full day to stop by these places as the hop on hop off buses stop at around 5pm.

Back on Malta, the main island where we were staying, is the view of Sliema from Valletta. I do think the sunsets we saw in Malta were quite beautiful, and something that I’ll miss from our few days there.

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