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Who I Am: An expat living in Stuttgart, Germany with my husband and our yellow lab. I’ve been here since 2011 and am happy to call Germany my home. I love traveling and exploring new places and am very grateful to be living in such a beautiful country. I also work full time so I have to find the balance between work and finding time for travel. I believe everyone has the opportunity to travel and I hope to show you that it is possible, no matter your circumstances.

Photography is one of my favorite aspects of travel and makes for the best way to look back on memories. I encourage everyone to explore different cultures and have new experiences. Not only will you see new places but you will also more than likely learn a lot about yourself as well.

Purpose of the Website: I started this blog as a way to remember my travels and the things I’ve done, and since then it has been steadily growing. Today I am still writing about living as an expat in Germany and also writing about my travels, specifically with information to help you with your own adventures.

Why Traveling Igloo?

Why did I choose the name Traveling Igloo for my website? To be honest many of the domain names I had wanted were already taken, so I had to get clever and think of names that no one else might have.  

The result? A mixture of my love for travel and a love for where I am from. While my home in Alaska may not actually have many igloo’s, I think most people associate it with being an extremely cold and brutal place to live (which is true for part of the year). 

Random Facts About Me: I once played piano at a bar in Malcesine, Italy for a British wedding party. Luckily they were three sheets because I hadn’t brushed up on playing in a while. I lived in Alaska until I was 18 and then moved to the lower 48 for a few years before heading to Germany. I studied abroad in Italy when I was 20 and fell in love with the country. And, no matter where I go, I will always consider Alaska my home.


Mentions & My Work

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Content Writing

I’ve had the honor of being mentioned elsewhere on the web and have been hired to write for various companies.

In the past I have served as the expert writer for Germany at Answers.com from 2013-2015. I wrote over 60 articles about Germany. Articles are listed on the Answers.com website in the German/Germany section.

Sample Articles

Three Things your Didn’t Know About German Wine

Common Road Signs to Know in Germany

A Visit Through Germany’s Popular Travel Roads

I have also written content for companies such as MOVE Guides 

Want To Work With Me?

Guest Posts: If you are interested in working with me please contact me through the ‘contact’ area or click here. I am currently looking for talented writers to contribute to my website. I am interested in content that is travel or expat related, and also for travel photographers (amateur or professional!) who would like to have their content published. As someone who has guest posted for websites, I know the value of contributing to another site. I will always provide a link back to your website and work and happily provide credit.

Sponsored Posts: Please send an email if you’re interested in working with me on sponsored posts. As with guest posts, I am interested in products/intangibles that are travel or expat related, or related to photography. 

All blog entries are from my perspective and I am the sole owner of the written content and for all the images. This blog is meant to help those interested in traveling or living in Germany, and to provide helpful information about Germany in general. If there is anything you want to know about, or any questions you want answered, please let me know. I am happy to help out!

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