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Mom and son Hatcher Pass Alaska Fall

As a born and raised Alaskan, I know how to travel around this beautiful state. Whether you’re a seasoned Alaska traveler or visiting for the first time, I have plenty of articles to help you plan your perfect trip.

Below you’ll find guides, itineraries, destinations, packing lists, and more resources.

Packing for Alaska

Summer Packing Guide

There’s nothing worse than taking a three-hour detour on your vacation to go to four different stores because you forgot your raincoat.

Or worse, having to skip an adventure entirely due to poor planning.

I’ve been there, and don’t want you to make the same mistakes.

I have a detailed summer packing guide with my personal recommendations. I’ve tried many products and brands over the years, and included my favorites, leaving out the unnecessary fluff. Having just a few essential items can really make a difference on your trip.

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The Best Time of Year to Visit Alaska

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Summer is the most popular time of year to visit Alaska, but is it the best for you? Use this guide to find out when you should visit.


Explore articles related to the best destinations on the road system.


Explore articles related to the best destinations on the road system.

Airbnb Lowell Point Seward Alaska August Summer

From cabins to guest cottages to lodges to mansions, there are some really unique places to stay in Alaska. I wrote an article highlighting some of the coolest stays in Alaska.

When searching for places to stay, I recommend not only searching the main booking sites (, Airbnb, VRBO) but also doing a simple Google search.

Many places are not listed on main search sites, so be sure to search [place] + lodging or accommodations.

The Coolest VRBO Stays in Alaska

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