World Cuisine Under One Roof at Markthalle, Stuttgart

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What is Markthalle?

In downtown Stuttgart there is a large indoor open market that sells various goods. It’s an international open indoor market filled with spices, meats, cheeses, desserts, truffles, wine, beer, and everything else in between. Each section is labeled by country and offers local specialties from their particular country.


Markthalle, or Market Hall, is a large indoor open market that opened in 1864 under King Wilhelm I. It was intended to help local wine growers and other sellers have a place to sell their goods year-round and was inspired by Les Halles in Paris.

About Markthalle

Markthalle is a fun place to visit in downtown Stuttgart. One of my favorite things to do in other countries is visit grocery stores. If you want to look into the culture particular to that country, just head to the local grocery store. It’s a great way to see a completely different side of a country and something that you might not think to do while on vacation.

If you live in the Stuttgart area, or even if you’re visiting, Markthalle is well worth a visit. The building has an interesting outdoor facade, and in addition to the different food and items for purchase in the main area, there’s also an upstairs shopping area that wraps around the hall. Upstairs you’ll find furniture, kitchen items, linens, and odds and ends of other things. There are also two restaurants inside as well.

We visited last weekend and purchased some baklava while walking through the narrow aisles. Some items can cost more here, so if you plan on doing some shopping just check the prices before you purchase. If the prices are too high, it’s still worth a visit to see food from around the world condensed into this beautiful hall.

My personal favorite thing to grab is a box of macarons. I also usually check prices on Alaska salmon. The last time I went it was 8,90EUR per 100 grams.

Website Link: http://www.markthalle-stuttgart.de/


Markthalle Stuttgart

Dorotheenstr. 4, 70173 Stuttgart

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