A Photo Tour of Verona, Italy

by Brea

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My parents were here recently and we took a trip to Verona in northern Italy. It’s about a 90 minute drive to Venice and close to Lake Garda as well. The drive south from Germany through Austria, and then on to Italy gets more and more scenic the further south you go. The Alps in Austria were all dotted with green pastures and animals on mountainsides, and once crossed over into Italy the scenery changed to castles and vineyards lining the mountains. I didn’t realize just how many castles, ruins, and palaces there were in the Italian Alps until we actually drove through the area. There are so many beautiful towns that looked more than inviting. I wish I could explore the whole region further, could easily spend your entire time visiting just this area.

Once we arrived in the city of Verona the driving was a bit hectic, but we managed to arrive easily at our location. Italian driving is much different than German driving. The lines on the roads aren’t followed as closely in Italy and people crossed at places that weren’t crosswalks…basically they didn’t follow the rules like my fellow Germans do! And it was at that point I started to realize that I’ve picked up on many German mannerisms. I guess I’ve lived here for about three years, it was bound to happen eventually!

Looking down on the city of Verona…

Verona has a huge old town area and some interesting Roman ruins.

At the largest square in the city is one of the largest Colosseum’s in the world, second only to the most famous Colosseum in Rome. There is a large square that opens up around it, where you can stop for a caffe or grab some lunch. This is also where the Hop on Hop off buses start.

We visited some beautiful gardens in the city. There were many statues and some girls were practicing ballet through the window nearby.

This was one of the largest piazzas (squares) in the Old Town.

The views of the city from the hillside made for some nice photos. And then we made our way back down for some more walking around and exploring.

We climbed one of the bell towers near the main piazza. The views were quite nice, making it worth the 8-ish Euro we paid to walk up the stairs. Once we reached the top, some ladies warned that we shouldn’t hang out too long since the gigantic bell was going to ring in the next 10 minutes!

At the end of each day we made our way to the apartment we had rented, to sit on the balcony and enjoy the scenery change from daylight to dusk.

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lee ramagge August 9, 2016 - 3:27 pm

by any chance would you have any original copies of photos of Verona?

Brea Darnell August 30, 2016 - 7:36 am

Are you interested in photos for purchase?


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