Vienna, Scotland, and Switzerland

by Brea

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July has been a busy month for me. We went to Vienna with a group of friends the other weekend and bunked up at Wombats hostel with a room big enough to hold a dance party (yes!). We did a pub crawl through the hostel one night and then a tour of the catacombs under the main church in the city.

The next weekend me and the hubs took off for Scotland and the Highlands and then Switzerland. Right after all that I had a weeklong training for work further north in Germany complete with my car breaking down, or rather completely dying on me, while driving on the Autobahn. THE AUTOBAHN! Thank goodness for ADAC (German version of AAA). To round it out I had a 20 page paper to write last weekend for one of my grad classes. I still don’t know why I ever thought taking classes during the summer was a good idea. I think I love torturing myself.

To get an idea of what I’ve been up to, here’s a little photo story to give you an idea…

Guten bye-bye Germany…

Hello Vienna with your cafes, beautiful architecture, immaculately clean city, and random Australian pubs!

And then I was off to Scotland. The land of great accents and pubs and tweed and kilts and fairies!

We had a few days to explore Edinburgh, then we were off to do a 3-day tour of the Highlands and Isle of Skye!

The highlands were so beautiful and green. I could’ve stayed there for a few weeks exploring….

We stayed in the town of Portree on the Isle of Skye – the largest town on the island. It was a cute (but touristy) fishing town with the best pizza in all of Scotland (really, if you go you have to visit the one Italian place and have their pizza!)

Then we came home for a day to recover and drove to Switzerland the following morning! It’s only a 3 hour drive, but in almost 3 years I still hadn’t made my way there. My original reasoning was that Austria was the much cheaper but just as beautiful alternative, but Switzerland proved to be fantastic and compared to Scotland was probably a bit less expensive!

And guess what we did in Switzerland?! Paragliding!! I highly recommend paragliding in Interlaken if you visit!

Lauterbrunnen and Interlaken

The view from our B&B

Okay now I’m tired, hopefully will have more posts about these places in detail once my classes are over!

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