Bardolino, Italy: Wine, Scenery, and the Laid Back Italian Life

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Lake Garda and Bardolino

Near Verona is one of Italy’s most notoriously stunning lakes, Lake Garda. Seated in the north near the Dolomites and nestled partly in the Alps, the views all around the lake are the type of thing that poet’s dream of. We visited Bardolino for a very short day, a small town along the eastern side of the lake and also home to the famous bardolino wines. The next time you go to your local liquor store check out the Italian wine section and you’ll see many varieties of this tasty red.

We stopped by the tourist office after getting off the bus and the lady behind the counter told us that we could walk along the water from Bardolino to the town of Garda. It was only a few kilometers, so we decided to do that to see the scenery and get some fresh air.

There are so many cute towns to visit along the lake. Below in the images you can peek inside a gelato/food store and also get free tasters of limoncello.

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