Restaurants and the Delicious Food

Since we've moved to Germany, my hubby and I have been exploring lots of restaurants. We love eating out and finding great new spots, and here in Germany there are so many great places to eat! Being in a Swabian influenced area, there is (naturally) a lot of Swabian food. What is Swabian food you ask? Well, in a nut shell it's a lot of pork and sausage and brauts and potatoes and spaetzle, cooked in every fashion you can imagine. When we first arrived, we had a lot of this traditional food. However, after trying pork in every way imaginable you eventually find yourself wanting any except for pork! Don't get me wrong, there are other options like seafood and chicken, but in most cases the dishes are very simple.

So, we've been really venturing out to see what else the Stuttgart area has to offer. There are a lot, and I mean a LOT of Italian restaurants and I love it. Italian pizza is very different from American pizza, and if you're willing to try something new, you'll find that it's really good! (I personally think Italian pizza is much better than the American counterpart) Chicago style pizzas don't exist here, and there is always a huge variety of toppings to choose from. We've tried many Italian restaurants and in general, they have really good seafood. Trout is a popular fish in this area and they know how to cook it really well!

We stopped by one of our favorite Italian restaurants in Echterdingen last night and they gave us each a few free limoncello shots. I love, love it there....and I am partial to Italian people as well. Their site is

There are also a lot of great Thai restaurants here. The curry dishes are out of this world! Last weekend, we discovered that there are mexican restaurants in Stuttgart. Normally I like mexican food but I'm not crazy about it. Well, after not having good mexican food for a few months it was a very exciting night to go to a mexican place. It was called Enchilada ( and their mexican food was great. Even better, the food was prepared fresh and not as processed as it would be in America. Also, the portions were much smaller than what you would get in the states (in a good way). 

If you want something more American, the Block House has good steaks and burgers as well. Don't be fooled though, you are in Germany and an 'American' burger is nearly impossible to come by. The ones at the Block House are open faced burgers with a German twist. TJ loves steak so we go eat there often. There are many many other types of restaurants in the area (Spanish, Greek, etc), but these are some that come to mind right now. 

If you've ever heard about the infamous Biergartens (Beer Gardens) in Germany, they really do exist and they are awesome! They usually always have a huge outdoor seating area and sometimes a playground too. Most have blankets if you want to sit outside in the winter. For very cold days, though, they have an indoor restaurant as well. We have two near our house nestled in the forest. That is something everyone needs to go to if they visit Germany!

Well I'm out for now, I will try to start adding more than one post every week or so (I've been slacking a bit!).