Heidelberg for the Weekend

We went to Heidelberg for the second time this weekend. I can't believe there's a military base there, must be rough (see photos to understand what I mean!) We met up with our wonderful German friends and went to the Christmas Markets. We drank the gluwein (it's a 'must do' if you come here for Christmas!) which is basically hot sweet wine. It's really good, even my husband liked it and he normally doesn't like wine at all, and it does a great job of warming you right up! We stayed at a hotel called Hotel Hirschgasse. It was very pretty, and was situated close to the Neckar River and near the forest. Juno managed to find a pond in the woods and we had a hard time keeping her away from it. Since we've been here, I'd say Heidelberg is my favorite place to visit. There's so much to do, and the landscape is very picturesque. It's what I think of when I imagine an old German town.