Why you should visit the Stuttgart Christmas Market

I wrote last time that I needed to start writing more...and I have still been slacking on it. In my defense, I've had family in town and we've been traveling a lot :)

The Christmas Markets in Germany are amazing. If you have the chance to visit this time of year, seeing a Christmas Market is a MUST. If you aren't familiar with the markets, they're basically (in my own words) roads and open squares filled with Christmas stands selling all sorts of things. Most of the stands are local vendors. There's home decor, Christmas decorations, kitchen stuff, swabisch food, etc... and best of all, there is Gluhwein! (pronounced Gloo-Vine) Yum yum yum! Another 'must do' during the holidays if you happen to be in the area.

Back to the Stuttgart Christmas Market. It is a huge market. I don't even think we walked through everything it was so big. I checked online and sources say it's one of the largest Christmas markets in Germany. I'm a fan :). It's fun to walk around, sip on some Gluhwein, hang out with friends and check out what all the vendors are selling. The markets are always fairly busy on weekdays, and especially so on weeknights and weekends.

Germany also has a unique way of being environmentally friendly during markets. If you order a drink at any market they charge a 2 euro (or more) deposit on the cup, mug, glass, etc. So, return the glass and you get the money back. The nice thing about this is that if you like the cup then voila! You have a new drink holder for the house :) (I can happily say we are now proud owners of two official Christmas Market mugs, woop woop)

Quick explanation of the history of Gluhwein

Photos of the Stuttgart Christmas Market (Weihnachsmarkt - Pronounced Vie-nocts-markt)


Mmmm fish on a stick


The rooftops of the stands are awesomely decorated


Getting dark out...starting to see the lights