Christmas at the Darnell's

We had a successful Christmas dinner at our house. TJ and my dad walked over to the Metzgerei (local butcher) on the 23rd and asked if they had a goose. To everyone's surprise, he had a few! So 80 Euro later (about $ was a bit much), we had a 6kg goose for Christmas dinner. It was fresh too, never frozen (I'm starting to sounds like a Wendy's commercial now...mmm I miss Wendy's). So we had a complete Paleo Christmas Dinner (we are a bit crazy about eating Paleo...more info HERE if you're interested) that I cooked up, well, except for the pops did that one. I made Mashed Yams, Paleo Deviled Eggs (thank you Everyday Paleo, they were a big hit), homemade Walnut Red Pepper Dip and greek salad. My mom made curried fruit. And (drum roll please) for dessert I made a Paleo Coconut Cake and Apple Crisp. The cake was all gone in one night! Of course I forgot to take pictures of the food, but I promise it was good stuff. Here are some photos from the day, our friends Lauren and Charlie came over as well!



Juno was making sure he was doing everything right :)


Now THAT, is a good looking goose!


Lauren and Charlie brought their dog Shooter with. He's adorable


I LOVE this picture of TJ. It cracks me up! The foods all gone!