Why everyone should go to Frühlingsfest (Video Included)

Yet another night out at one of my favorite German pasttimes - the Fests! We went last Saturday for their last weekend. I wasn't too optimistic that we would get into a tent since there are only three total and it was the last hoorah for fest. My friend Jasmin pulled an amazing feat, however, by talking to a guy in one of the backdoors into letting us in. She claimed she knew someone that worked there and we were Americans visiting from out of town. He must have liked her because we waited until the area cleared up then walked over and he let us get in the tent! We ended up in the Gockelesmaier tent again. We really need to try out other tents sometime...Oktoberfest :). I took a short video so you can see what it's like inside the tents. Cheering 'Prost' between every song and clanking your glasses with fellow drinkers around, singing along to all the German and American songs, dancing on the benches...it doesn't get much more fun than this! This, my friends, is why you should all make the trip to either Spring fest or Oktoberfest!


Please take note of how many beers the server is holding. This is normal around here.