Movie Night In Deutschland!

Last night we did something amazing and awesome, something so uniquely American that I was almost in tears of happiness. We went to see a movie!!! At a real theater! It's the little things like this that remind me that I miss home, no matter how awesome it can be over here. This was the first time we saw a movie since we left the states in August, so it was a real treat for us. And, luckily for English speaking people, most movies come from the U.S. (thank you Hollywood!) so almost all movies here are American. Last night was no exception. The theater we went to, Corso, plays English movies in English. No weird subtitle stuff or anything. It was soo nice, I think we're going to do it again next weekend, we're crazy! Since I am on a 30 day Paleo Challenge (Paleo info Here) I'm not drinking, so going to a club or bar just did not sound like fun. TJ is, for the most part, in on the Paleo kick with me so we've been finding other things to entertain us. It's been nice, and the movie last night made it that much better! We saw the Immortals by the way, it was pretty good.

Other than that we've been hanging out. We went to Rome last week (pictures and blog to come soon) and I cam down with a terrible cough throat cold thing I fought off last week. I've also been reading up on what is called fasching over here. It's basically Germany's version of Mardi Gras. I guess there are parades and some festivities leading up to Ash Wednesday. Who knew?! People dress up with masks and it's a time to let loose and break the rules. 

I can't wait to go to the movies again, it's always nice to do things that feel like home :)