Falling In Love All Over Again


Yesterday was a magical day. We were struck with some bitter cold that lasted a good two weeks and I think everyone was feeling a bit down from it. It finally warmed up last week and yesterday it warmed all the way up to 60 + degrees (fahrenheit). Holy awesome! The sun was shining, the birds were chirping (really they were, I think they felt it was safe to come out of hiding) and even some bugs decided to make an appearance. I knew this because I had quite a few that landed in my eye. Why do little flies love flying right into your eyeball when your biking is beyond me. I guess I should be thankful it's never bees or dragonflies...I can't stand dragonflies. Anyway, I hadn't taken my bike out since last fall, but it was so nice yesterday I had to get out there. So off I went. I found some more amazing trails in the woods (there are so many, and they all link together, I love it). It was absolutely beautiful biking through the woods. In German style, everyone seemed to be out as well. Yet another thing I love about living here, you'll see a 70 year old lady riding her bike or going for a walk with her cane. You're never too old to get out there and live people! So I rode and rode all over. I found even more biergartens, which all had a good amount of people at them. I think the tally is now 7 that I've found throughout the woods behind our place. It was a fairly hilly run, so I was feeling it afterward in my legs. I think I need to start cycling more! Now I can't wait for another day like that, I think I have what is called Spring Fever. 

Cyclists everywhere


One of the Biergartens on a Bike Trail


This is what a lot of the homes and buildings look like in southern Germany. The half-timbered style is very German and quite beautiful.


Playing with my camera's ISO Settings


Notice how green this tree is. The woods here stay really green in the winter, which is a stark contrast to my Alaskan winters that I grew up with.


Juno loves bringing me sticks


The only downside to where we live. Airport is about 2 miles from our house. When we travel, however, it's pretty awesome.


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