What Language Do You Speak?

Today I took Juno out for a nice afternoon walk. Well, more nice for her than me. It's been brrrr chilly outside, I feel like I'm back in Alaska right now. Juno loves it though, she sprints and sprints and sprints, I swear cold weather and snow are like crack for that little lab. She's crazy, and awesome.

So I'm walking back home and run into another guy walking his dog. Most people here are very friendly, say hi when they pass, comment on Juno a lot (which sometimes I smile and pretend I know what they're saying, and sometimes when they keep talking I say 'sprechen sie englisch?'...then they usually stop or immediately switch to english) and are mostly interested in the dog. She's a big hit over here. Anyway, he'd seen TJ a time or two before and so he started asking in German if I was Americanisch (sp) and I said 'Ja'. Then he asked if I spoke Italianisch, Deutsch, and listed a few others. He didn't speak any English but knew at least the other two. 

Anyway, the best part of this was that between my broken Italian (he's from Italy), my broken German and a bit of his English we managed to have a conversation. This has actually happened quite a bit here, but today as I was walking away I realized that this is definitely something I would never experience in the states. It's also nice that people are so friendly with us even though we don't speak much Deutsch! One of my German neighbors started speaking to me in German when we pass walking our dogs. I say something in English and she repeats it in German, then talks to me in German. Sometimes I understand her, sometimes I give an inquisitive look, and sometimes I give an 'I don't understand anything you just said' look. It's always fun, and I'm starting to pick up on more and more of the language.