A Weekend Spent in Salcombe, England

If you may or may not recall, I went to England a few months ago for a good friend's wedding. I made a short post about it on Facebook, then that was the end of it. Well, I've been meaning to add my photos from that weekend. I didn't take as many as I wanted because I was too busy taking photos of the gorgeous couple. However, I was able to get some good ones of this beautiful hilly fishing town on the southern coast of England.

Getting to Salcombe was a bit tricky as no one has ever heard of that town and there aren't any trains directly to it. So after landing in London, taking the train to Paddington station (I unfortunately did not see any of London, didn't even leave the train station!), then taking a 3 hour train ride to a small town called Totnes, I caught a 45 minute car ride to Salcombe. We traveled through some windy and hilly roads, played a few games of chicken, and then finally pulled up to the house I was staying at. One of their family friends offered up an extra room for me to lay my head which I was very grateful for! The family was amazing, and I am happy to say I made some new friends that weekend. The house was a large summer home with many bedrooms, a huge kitchen, and a large living/dining area as well. I think I could've stayed at that house forever. Sadly, I am not that rich. Many of the homes in the town are quite large and are rented out or used by the owners as summer houses. The town becomes quite sleepy in the winter. Below are some photos of the place.

 The kitchen was amazing. There was an old green stove/furnace that was left as well as a new one for us to use too. The view from the back porch wasn't too bad either.

We lucked out with some sunny weather for one of the days we were there. This coastal town has quite the crazy weather. One minute it would be sunny and the next we were surrounded by fog rolling through and a ten degree temperature drop!

We were able to also go out on a boat one day to get a view of the harbor. We visited the nearby town of Kingston where we stopped by for a popular local beer.

Seafood could be found at every restaurant in this fishing town.

YUM fish and chips!

My friend's wedding was beautiful, and while I wish I could share photos, for privacy reasons they're not on here. However, I have a few from the lovely brunch that was held the following day. The spread was delicious, the English tea was amazing, and the views from the house were something out of a storybook.

The beautiful church in town where they were married

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