In Photos: The Esslingen Medieval Christmas Market

I wrote about it last year, and couldn't wait to go this year to my favorite Christmas market in Germany. While I haven't been to every market in Germany, I don't know of many that are filled with as much character as this one. This market has a medieval theme (mittelaltermarkt) and it almost feels like the Christmas market meets a Renaissance festival. People dress up in costumes and act the part as well. We even saw a guy that was playing the part of a beggar from medieval times, walking around barefoot in forty degree temperatures!

I guess I'm a sucker for a beautiful setting, good friends, and hot drinks on a cold night. 

Taken in front of the beautiful Rathaus. These houses don't even look real to me still, and I've lived here for over two years now.

The actor begging for some money. 

Glühwein, Kinderpunsch (Kid's Punch), and Eierpunsch (literally, egg punch, but it's much more tasty than it sounds).

Spectators below were watching a live performance. The market has many fire breathing shows, dancing, music, and more.

This man just ate a knife, ouch.

There are many stands that sell unique items

When the lights go down the market really comes to life and the medieval mood sets in.

This is another street in the old town (Altstadt) area. These gigantic Christmas lights line the houses along the road. 

The Stuttgart tourist website provides some information on the market that can be found here.

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