Germany Has Darkest Winter in Over 60 Years

Finally, a reason to celebrate! Germany is to see sunshine after the darkest winter in over 60 years. The last few months have been extremely gloomy and I actually thought I was back in Alaska at one point. But today the sun came out and stayed out all day long. It was magical. (note that this is all in Celcius)

"Western Germany will see the best weather in the early part of the week, where sunshine will push temperatures up to 11 degrees in Cologne on Monday. Tuesday will see temperatures reach between seven and 12 degrees with clear skies and gentle breezes and highs of up to 15 degrees forecast in the west.

On Thursday and Friday the weather will deteriorate slightly, with clouds developing and a small chance of light rain in central areas, but it will still remain warmer everywhere than in recent weeks, with temperatures between nine and 13 degrees.

Nights will remain cooler, with temperatures dropping down to 0 degrees in some places during the week"