The day I discovered a wine cellar in our town – Charles’ Vinothek

So there I was, driving through my town trying to find the car repair shop when all of a sudden I pass by this store painted red with a sign that read ‘Charles’ Vinothek’. I had never driven down this particular side street so after over a year of living in Echterdingen this was the first time I had seen the place. I mentally jotted it down and later when my husband came home I told him we were going on a little adventure.

We walked the five minutes up the street from our house and went into this Vinothek. From the outside it looked a bit small, but when we walked in it was huge. The main area split off into two other levels and the walls were lined with wines from all over the world, assortments of cheeses and mustards and other snacks, and schnapps and other liquors as well. What a cool find! I love a good bottle of wine and never knew this place was tucked away under my nose this whole time.

What made this such a cool experience was that the owner took us on a personal tour of the place. The basement was an actual cellar that had countless bottles of wine and a corner that looked like a small jail. Inside this jail type enclosure sat really, really old bottles of wine that were not to be touched. The wines were separated by country and region. Another thing that I loved? He asked us how much we wanted to spend on a bottle of wine and when we said 20 Euro maximum he gave us this funny look. Hoping we weren’t being incredibly cheap we asked if that was okay. He told us that 20 Euros is for a really good bottle of wine. That’s about 25 USD. Hah, I love Germany.

I’m sure Stuttgart has its fair share of wine stores and wine cellars, but if you happen to live near Echterdingen I would highly suggest checking this place out.

Another cool thing about Charles’ Vinothek is they have wine tastings a few times a year. At the last one there were 70 different wines to taste!