Blog Featured on germany ja! and new Canon 6D

Today was an exciting day for my website. I had one of my recent blog posts, German Homes vs. American Homes, featured on Thanks so much for posting germany ja!, and if you want to take a look click here!

This was also an exciting week for another reason as well (warning: if you're not a photographer or interested in photography this might not interest you!). I purchased my first full-frame camera, the Canon 6D. I had been researching day and night to decide what my next camera should be. For a few months now, I've wanted to upgrade my camera and for a few key reasons. While I loved my Canon 60D, I was wanting a camera that was full-frame, that had better (well great) performance in low-light, better dynamic range, more auto focus points and created sharper images overall. I had considered the Canon 5D Mark III and was even looking at a complete overhaul and switching to Nikon for a few days. In the end, however, I realized switching to Nikon is not an option financially nor was getting the Canon 5D Mark III which is around $3,300 currently (ouch!). I also was looking at getting the Canon 5D Mark II, but then when I was checking this week I noticed that the price had gone up a lot since that last time I checked. I'm assuming since Canon took the Mark II out of production that's why the price has gone up.

So I started researching the Canon 6D and realized it's the perfect camera for me. This camera has great low-light performance (I tested it out in near complete darkness and the image turned out really well, even with ISO set at 25,600!), good dynamic range, built-in wi-fi so I can automatically load my images to my iphone and then online while traveling, GPS (not sure I'll use this, but it could come in handy!), a tad more AF points (only two more, this was the biggest concession I made), a great feature that allows for silent shooting (perfect for weddings and when you don't want to be noticed!), and of course it's full-frame and no longer a crop sensor camera. Another great feature is that it's light weight - in fact it's the lightest full-frame DSLR on the market. Of course there's a lot more to the camera and it's features but you get the gist of it!

I bought it two days ago and am loving it! I am still in a boot from my foot surgery but am  moving around as much as possible to try to get some shots. 

So while this isn't my best photo, it's to show the low-light performance of the camera. This was in almost black conditions with only light coming in from outside and a lamp very dimly lit in another room. Considering these elements it turned out really well, with only a little bit of noise and banding. Also the focus locked almost instantly even with how dark it was in the kitchen. Compared to my Canon 60D and many other DSLR's, this was nothing short of amazing! Notice how sharp the image is and how little noise is present, even at ISO 25,600. This will be great for future weddings and for night photography (mostly street and travel).

This was shot at ISO 25,600 Exp. 1/100 @ f/1.8