Learning German Yet Again

After my semi-public announcement (meaning anyone that read this post here) about my good intentions to start German language classes again a few months back, I finally started my second German course last week. The class is through a place called IFA in Stuttgart. I always get a little nervous that I will end up with a Helga type instructor who yells at me if I make a mistake, and I really don't like getting yelled at. Fortunately, my teacher is an incredibly nice German woman who loves the ballet, classical music, watching dance and participating in many activities relating to the arts. I know this because I could actually understand what she was saying. Check me out learning German!

The last class I took was with VHS, or the Volkshochschule (trying saying that ten times fast...or just saying that at all). The VHS is most similar to a community college in the states, but I've been told they are still different. The great thing about VHS is that there is one in nearly every town, making it very convenient. I liked the class I took for the most part, except that the complete immersion was a bit rough when I was trying to learn things like German grammar. I don't even think the instructor spoke English so we could only learn through Deutsch. At IFA, our instructor speaks English, French, Italian and a few other languages. Her profession is a translator and her English is great. It's nice that she will switch over to English to explain something grammatically or a word we may not know. This makes the class go much faster than it did with VHS. The pace is still good for me being that I'm a slow learner when it comes to language, at least I think I am. All of the other students in my class are from elsewhere in the world - a lot are from South Korea, Poland, and a few other Asian countries. They all speak enough English to get by, and I can talk to them as well. If we don't understand each other, then making hand gestures usually works out for us. I also really like the small class size, it's about 10 of us total.

The class I'm taking is held in Stuttgart on Friday night and Saturday morning. This is nice because I can meet up with friends in Stuttgart afterward, but also is a bit of a pain at the moment. I just had foot surgery about 10 weeks ago now, so I usually end up driving into the city. On a Friday afternoon this means heavy stop and go traffic and high fees at the parking garages. Right now I'm driving into the city since walking from the train station to the school is a bit much for me, but hopefully by next week I can start using the train. I love the ease of taking a train versus a car. Travel by car can be frustrating and sometimes stressful, not to mention annoying when you're stuck in traffic for 45 minutes on what should be a 15 minute drive.

I will be already taking a hiatus this weekend from the class since Fruhlingsfest is starting! We have a table booked for the 10 of us starting at 11am this Saturday. Yes, we will be consuming our liters (mas) of beer at the ripe time of eleven in the morning. Prost! I am really hoping that by posting about it on the web, I'll be more inclined to continue on with learning the language! I guess only time will tell!

Link for IFA (improve brain cells) Here:


Link for Fruhlingsfest (lose brain cells) Here: http://www.stuttgarter-fruehlingsfest.de/