Sky Beach Bar - Stuttgart

Germany has a pool in just about every single town in the country (at least the Southern portion) which is, to say the least, quite amazing. German pools, or freibad, are pretty badass too. Most of them have at least two pools, a slide for the kids and in many cases one or two for the older kids (ahem, adults). Also, until I moved here I never experienced this, but there is grass all around the pools. There is no concrete to brave tip-toeing across in the blistering heat. It's all nice, cool grass. Also, there are bathroom facilities, usually a stand to buy food and drinks (yes and alcoholic beverages too, of course!) adn other amenities as well.

Well, when you're right in the middle of downtown Stuttgart there aren't many options. Luckily someone came up with the great idea to build a beach bar on the roof of a building downtown called Sky Beach. It's not a new concept but it's the only one of it's kind in the Stuttgart area (that I know of anyway).

We went for the first time the other night and I was surprised at how nice it is and how reasonably priced the drinks are. I was expecting them to be about the price you would pay at a club but they were about average for what you'd expect at a restaurant.  

Here are photos from the other night. The views of the city are great and we really enjoyed hanging out there.