The Best Burger In Stuttgart

We found it! Finally! It only took us two years but we finally found it! Juicy, cheesy, meaty, hand crafted deliciousness all in one beautiful bite after another. Needless to say it was an exciting meal. Yes it's true, we finally found a good burger in Stuttgart! It's called the (m)eatery and it just opened in downtown Stuttgart between Calwer Str. and Konig Str. The burgers come with your choice of bread, a horseradish mayo, and homemade fries. Mmmmmm!


What a wonderful delight for our taste buds! Sometimes it's really nice to be able to go out and get a burger, and we did just that. The restaurant itself is an upscale establishment that opened quite recently. The burgers do have a bit of a price tag to go along with them. Each burger ranges from 12 - 18 Euro and cheese and ketchup are extra (I believe it was 2 Euro for ketchup!). The other menu items are much more expensive as they offer filet, new york strip, and other steaks (ranging from 40 - 100ish Euro). So, we won't be frequenting this place but if you want a good burger this is the best one we've found in all of Germany thus far!