Hiking In The Swabian Alb

Back in September when everything was still green a friend and I decided to go for a hike somewhere in the Swabian Alb. The Swabian is a huge area East of Stuttgart that runs south down to Lake Constance. There is a great website, http://www.schwaebischealb.de/ , that can be translated to English using Google translate services or something similar. The website has maps of the area with hiking trails highlighted, descriptions of the different routes, and information on plenty of other things to do including seeing a castle, ruins, visiting a spa, and even going skiing in the winter. It's a great website with tons of information. My friend downloaded their app and we decided on a trail to try. I really wanted to find the trail that would give a great view of Hohenzollern castle and so we picked one that sounded about right. Well, either we didn't end up picking one close enough or I need to rent a really long lens to get a good shot of the castle. I know there are places closer so I'll have to do some more research to find the right spot! While I was nowhere near close enough to take a good image, you can kinda sorta make out the castle in the background in the photo below! I'm still planning on getting my 'money' shot of the castle, and just bought a new tripod to help me do it. Hopefully I can make it out there next week one morning or, more likely for me, afternoon to get the shot! Wish me luck!

This was at the top of one of the trails. 

My friend had printed off written directions so see where we were at.

I tried to use the self-timer but we turned out as silhouettes. It's alright, though, I think it made the photo more interesting. 

The closest my 85mm lens could get to Hohenzollern Castle. I will get a good shot of this beautiful place before we leave Germany!