A Lazy Sunday Walking Around Stuttgart

We went to the (m)eatery for lunch today. I just wrote a post about it here . We were craving a good burger so we headed to Stuttgart and walked around for a bit. Since we don't live in the city we rarely have reason to come on a Sunday as all stores are closed on Sundays in Germany. It was really nice being able to walk around with few other people on the streets. I grabbed my camera and snagged a few photos on our little walkabout. 

Here's some random photos I took while walking Calwer and Konigstr. 

Above: I think I find the most uninteresting things interesting. Like outdoor escalators. I blame it on the fact that I come from a small town in Alaska where we only had two stop lights growing up (okay we had more but that's how I remember it). The first time I drove on a real highway with multiple lanes and exits I was 18 in Reno and thought that was crazy. Oh how times have changed. So, that's my justification for finding incredibly dull things cool. Also notice the Subway sign. Yes, Germany has Subway. I've only been once and it tasted just like the American version. There are much cooler things to eat here by the way.

Me being me, I had to stop and get a coffee at Starbucks. We only have four within a two hour radius - that means only 4 places where I can order a coffee larger than 12 ounces. Usually I order two coffees at places because I know one just isn't enough! They're opening a Starbucks soon across the street from my work, though, and that's going to be dangerous territory especially since the best flavors come out in the fall. 

See the 'Evian' below? That was 7 Euro for still water, yikes!