Prague, A City Best Seen At Night

My favorite time to take photos and explore a city is in the evening, when the sun has lowered and the light becomes softer and eventually becomes a beautiful rich blue color. But you don't need me to tell you that. Here's some photos from my last trip to Prague.

Below is Prague's dirty little secret. Prague and all the beautiful statues and architecture and COVERED with gigantic spiders. I don't know why. I tried to Google it but didn't have much luck. Just know that when you're in Prague, do not under any, ANY circumstances sit under a statue. Or at least look up before you do.

Walking from the castle through the streets....

I love all the lights in this city

And my personal favorite, the view from the tower overlooking the Old Town area. There's a small fee, but the views are fantastic. Again, just avoid the spiders! I had momentary amnesia and forgot about these spiders...then I looked up. So gross.

The image above is of inside the tower.

Below is in the square, listening to someone play bagpipes. I imagined he was actually Scottish, but who knows.

Can you tell in the photo above I'm jumping and trying to tap my feet like a leprechaun?! Look closely, because I am.

I have about a million photos from my last trip to maybe you'll be seeing more soon. No promises though.