Crazy Festivals, Fasching, and Castles in southern Germany

I just wrapped up my articles for January. In Germany a huge festival is coming up in February called Fasching (or Carneval, Karneval, or Fastnacht depending on where you're at). It's essentially Germany's version of Carnival and easily rivals other large parties around the globe. The biggest party takes place in Cologne, and all around the country there are some fun and interesting traditions that take place. 

Unique German Festivals You've Never Heard Of

Popular Traditions at Germany's Karneval (Fasching)

The Largest Festivals In Stuttgart

Germany and castles, what a wonderful combination. We all know about the Cinderella castle, Neuschwanstein, but there are hundreds of other castles that are just as striking. Hohenzollern and Sigmaringen are two of them and some of my personal favorites in Germany.

Sigmaringen Castle, Hohenzollern's Sister Castle In Germany

Visit The Hohenzollern Castle In Germany

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