The Charming Town of Limone in Lake Garda, Italy

Last year I wrote a post about how much I loved Lake Garda, the northern Italian lake I visited with my sister. This lake is amazing, and although I haven't been to Lake Como I would bet they would be fighting for first place in the amazingly beautiful department. This place is gorgeous in nature, and the towns that dot the lake each have their own charm and uniqueness about them. 

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On the first day we took the ferry from Riva del Garda (where we were staying) and went to Limone. To be honest we didn't know anything really about the towns, so we just hopped off at a few of the towns to explore. This town of Limone was quite beautiful, but that day I had forgotten to bring my camera along with me and only had my iPhone. Well the photos somehow got lost in never never land (or they went to my 'photo stream' and not 'camera roll' and even though I'm pretty good with my Canon I couldn't tell you the difference between those two on my iPhone, anyway...) so I was quite happy to come upon them today. And to think I was about to delete all of these photos, I'm so glad I checked.

Here's a little photo tour of our day in Limone.

These were taken inside the Castel Lemon House. Growing citrus fruits in this town dates back to the 17th century.

The town was built into a rocky cliff. I loved being able to jump on the ferry and check out some of the other towns. They all had something unique to see and do.

This is what you saw when you got off the ferry. Not a bad view!

Above: Even though we were in Italy, they still had good German beer and Germany's ever popular aperol spritz drink. It's pretty tasty and refreshing, and I believe you can get Aperol in the states if you ever wanted to make one. There were also a lot of German tourists here, and for some reason everyone seemed to be eating gigantic bowls of ice cream and sundaes and chocolatey goodness. I don't blame them, that shit looked delicious.

The town was fairly touristy but I only heard German and British accents, and it really wasn't crowded at all when we were there (in May). I think I heard a few people speaking American English at one point, but nothing like what we were surrounded by in Venice. The tourists didn't change the beauty and charm of this town (and yes I know I was one of them!).


So I always plan on taking pictures of the amazing food I eat - but then once my plate is in front of me I devour my food and only afterward remember that I meant to take a picture. This happens to me all the time. I even put my camera on the table so I will remember, but that hasn't helped yet! So, here is a picture of my half eaten fish. It was delicious by the way.

From Limone you could look across the lake and see another town I adored, Malcesine. If I were to stay in Lake Garda again I would definitely pick Malcesine as my home spot. The town is really pretty, there were really cute cobblestone streets, and while the town is fairly small they had a fantastic Irish pub. I'm a sucker for these things. 


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