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Our Captain Morgan Jeep Safari Tour: Malta

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Generally when I travel with my husband we avoid tours. Organized fun and being on someone else’s time is not his ideal version of a vacation. When I’m with him we make our own travel plans, and when I travel with my girlfriends I tend to do more tours.

Last time was a trip through Provence and to a perfumery and confectionary, along with stops at medieval villages. It was a small van and it allowed us to see so much of the countryside we wouldn’t have seen by ourselves. (which was an amazing trip by the way. I highly recommend visiting this area of France)

For Malta we decided to do a Jeep Safari Tour with the largest tour company in the area. We saw most of the island’s highlights in just one day. I have found that doing these smaller tours are much more personal and end up being a lot more enjoyable than the large tour bus travel, and it has the added bonus that you get to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time.

I recommend this tour as the price was great and you were able to see it all as well as go ‘off road’ for a bit – hence the Jeep Safari. If you end up like me, you’ll be in the very back bouncing around as we went down many bumpy off-roads.

Our first stop was at the Red Tower with fantastic views.

Then Popeye’s Village! I need to warn you, however, that the tour doesn’t include entry or a tour inside Popeye’s Village. While it’s listed as an optional visit, we didn’t have enough time to stop there and walk around. For us a view with photos was good enough, but if you want to actually go inside you might want to set aside another time/day for it.

Water so clean you can almost always see the seafloor below


Views of Malta from Mdina

The beautiful Blue Grotto. Here we had the opportunity to take a boat into the grotto. We didn’t end up going, mostly because the guide told us we should really come back and do it in the morning when the sun is shining in on the grotto.

The Marsaxlokk Fishing Village with the famous colorful boats

This was the end of the tour. We made some other stops at a few cliffs and at a sandy beach where we walked around for a few minutes. We also stopped at this seemingly random place that had a glass making shop along with many small shops. I say it’s random because at first you thought you were in some neighborhood and not a glass shopping area, but then when you look into the buildings you can see that they are all little shops.

If you go to Malta I would recommend seeing all of these places and more! If you go in a better season (not January) then you will probably be able to get out on the water. January is about as off season as it gets and that’s when most things are shut down.

If you’re curious this is the tour we did: http://www.captainmorgan.com.mt/malta-safari?l=1

I didn’t get paid for this post. I’m only someone who likes reading other reviews and know I appreciate hearing about these trips!

Where’s your favorite spot in Malta?

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