The Complete Guide to the Stuttgart Wine Festival (Stuttgarter Weindorf)

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With the end of summer around the corner and Volksfest on the horizon, what do we do while we wait for the huge tents and liters of beer?

Well, we drink wine.

For about 12 days at the end of August and early September, the Stuttgart Wine Festival (Stuttgarter Weindorf) fills the streets of downtown Stuttgart.

All over Germany are these Wine Festivals. The Stuttgart Weindorf is one of the largest in the country, boasting over 125 vintners and 500 wines from the region.

Every year over a million people come to this festival to taste the wines of the region.

This festival feels a bit more sophisticated than some others. Drinks and overall prices are also a bit higher than other festivals, likely due to the higher-end wines.

And there are so many wines to sample.

Stuttgart Weindorf Wine Festival

Types of Wine at the Stuttgart Wine Festival

The most common wines grown around Stuttgart are Riesling, Spätburguner, Trollinger, and Lemberger wines.

Trollinger wine originated in South Tyrol. It’s said that Trollinger is an adaptation of Tyrol (Tirolinger).

Riesling is the most popular wine in the area, and sauvignon blanc has been growing in the region too.

Where is it Located?

The Wendorf fills the squares of Marktplatz, Schillerplatz, and Kirchstraße. Many of the side streets are also lined up with stalls and pop-up seating areas.

Some of the events are held at Altes Schloss including the opening ceremony.

 It gets crowded at this festival

Why Does Stuttgart Have a Wine Festival?

Stuttgart is surrounded by hilly vineyards, which extend beyond to many of the surrounding towns. Throughout the spring and summer months, there are wine walks all over the region (the most popular being the Esslingen Wine Walk). Stuttgart also has the largest concentration of vineyards of any city in Germany with 43 acres.

Wine in Stuttgart dates back many centuries. Stuttgart was one of the largest wine-growing regions in the 16th century in the area, and its wines date back even further.

The Stuttgarter Weindorf is a relatively new festival that started in 1976, and is now a fun and elegant fall festival. And unlike some of the summer festivals, the weather is much more favorable this time of year.

 Typical of what you see at many stands at festivals

Food Options

Here you’ll find typical festival food including brats and pommes (fries). There are also some stalls with treats. The local specialties include Maultaschen (meat/veggie-filled pasta), Käsespaetzle (cheesy spaetzle noodles), potato noodles, and sauerkraut.

And if you want a full meal, there are plenty of options downtown.

Tips for the Stuttgart Wine Festival

  • Visit the festival during the day or in the afternoon. It gets packed at night, even on weeknights!
  • Bring some water since in Germany and most of Europe you have to pay for water (and it’s not cheap either). We would bring a small backpack to carry our stuff (I really like this collapsible travel backpack for travel).
  • Have change on hand for the restrooms (toilette). There is generally an attendant charging 50 cents or possibly 1 Euro to use the facilities.
  • While many of the stands now accept cards, it’s still a good idea to bring cash. There are ATM’s all over downtown.

Things to Do At the Stuttgart Wine Festival

The most obvious thing to do is eat and drink! But, there are other events during the festival.

Some events include wine talks (in German), traditional grape pressing (stomping grapes), family Sundays, and a culinary tour. For all program options, you can find them here.

 That's a lot of wine!

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 Overlooking downtown Stuttgart, not the fest but nearby on a Thursday night

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