Top 5 Songs I can't believe are aired (and a bonus!)

So there I was, sitting in my car and enjoying what appeared to be a normal day when, BAM! I hear a song come on that keeps repeating 'the big. the big. the big bad wolf' proceeded by howling in the background. I was laughing my arse off. So after hearing some interesting songs on the radio, I've compiled a short but sweet list of the top 5 songs that I find hilarious (and one a bit annoying). So here goes...

1. Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand

Me and the hubb's heard this one in the car one day and couldn't stop laughing. WHO makes a song like this! I hear it all the time.

2. Duck Sauce - Big Bad Wolf

Hmmm....YEP! Awesome.

3. Sak Noel - Loca People

Just listen, it also cracks me up. But, I like it!

4. Shakira - Waka Waka

I'm sure you may have heard this in the states, but if not, I just laugh every time I hear 'waka waka'.

5. Taio Cruz - Hangover

If you haven't heard it, I think it's horrible. But, I feel as if almost everyone in Germany LOVES this song. Also played all the time!

Annnddd a bonus!

This is actually a good song. It's very popular here as well. During Oktoberfest they played it in all the tents and everyone jammed out to it. No matter where you go, everyone loves California. The only thing that made me laugh is the 'Bye, Bye Rodeo Girls'. I don't know a lot about California but I think it's Ro-day-o girls, and not Rodeo...but maybe he means yeehaw Rodeo??

I hope you look these up and find them just as amusing as I have, I'm sure I'll have more posts like this in the future.